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    Technical Highlight
    • Internal reliability test system
    • Bobbin ad cre design ability
    • Quick design base on 3D printer validating
    • Noise level evaluating system
    • New technology and full automatic production
    • Core air gap grinding tolerance up to +/-0.03mm
    • Inductance tolerance up to +/-2.5%
    • Transformer output power up to 2000W
    • Transformer high output voltage design up to 50KV
    • Typical wire twisting up to 50 twists/m or none standard up to 70 twists/m ;     in-house twisting wire 0.06mm up to 0.3mm X 60 strands
    • None standard multiple strands up to 480 wires X 0.06mm~0.3mm
    • Automatic winding technology,handle wire minimum diameter to 0.03mm 


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