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    Human Resources Strategy


    Skilled talents are the foundation of ICT’s development.

    We value people talents, treasure people capability and efforts.

    Our human resources strategy is

      Set up a fair competition salary system to attract and keep talents.

      Respect individual value and personality, accept and compromise different cultures.

      Established Internal Training system for on job training. External training for professionalism enhancement. 

    •  Provide career opportunities to talents. 


    HR Mechanism:

    We select and hire the right person to fit into the right position. A fair competitive system will provide them the opportunity to fulfill their goal and career.

    As long as he or she can display the potential ability and talent, the talent staff will continue developing their professional career forward with the company.


    Who We Need:

    People of high morals and good personality

    •  Passion

    •  Honest

    •  Optimistic

    •  Active

    •  Dedicated

    •  Self-confident

    •  Highly team spirit


    People with ability

    •  Creative , think out of box

    •  Own professional capability, specific talent, advanced skills and potential ability


    People with strong sense of responsibility

    •  Sense of own duty responsibility

    •  Take commitment and fulfill the commitment

    •  Continuing self improvement

    •  Always think of interest of company and construct the company together

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